Speaking out in the world is an essential part of our religious and social witness. Friends are therefore encouraged to express their faith and values whenever suitable opportunities arise, and to use the media confidently for public comment on our concerns. Quaker witness to the world is guided by the Spirit and also governed by our religious discipline. Public expression of corporate Quaker views must spring from discerned positions reached by an appropriate Quaker body.

Quakers in Britian, 2/5/14

Meeting Statements

  • Statement on the 9/11 Attacks
  • Statement concerning war against Iraq
  • Sexual identity and sexual orientation
  • Statement in support of religious freedom for Muslims in America
  • Minute of Concern and Action Regarding Police Violence Against People of Color
  • Statement concerning the killing of Jerry Williams by Asheville Police
  • Minute on Torture
  • Minute on Israeli Occupation
  • Asheville Friends Meeting Land Acknowledgment for Gatherings
  • Minute of Support for Indigenous Peoples
  • Minute of Love for the Ugandan LGBTQAI Community
  • Minute on the War in Gaza
  • Asheville Friends Meeting Climate Statement