Truth and Reconciliation: Exercise 1 - 10 Queries About Charity

1. What is charity?
2. Is charity good, bad, or neutral?
3. Are you charitable?
4. What is a charity case?
5. How does it feel to give to someone in dire need?
6. What is justice?
7. Is there dire need in a just world?
8. What is the relationship between justice and charity?
9. Would you be willing to give up charity?
10. What are you noticing this week about other people's relationship to charity?

You can respond to any, some, or all of these prompts as you are led. We will begin gathering to share our journaling and offer support to one another on Tuesday evenings at 7 p.m. via zoom starting next week on 11/28. Here is the link:

The passcode is Mellon but it should not be necessary to enter it unless you are joining on your smart phone.

With respect for those who would like to participate but cannot commit to a Tuesday evening time slot, please contact Steve Livingston at [email protected] and we will organize a second discussion group at different time.

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