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Sixth Month 23, 2021

As Covid metrics improve, Meeting for Worship will resume in the Meeting House on 6/27/2021
See this announcement for more information

      Meeting Reopening Announcement


Second Month 20, 2021

The young Friends invited the entire Meeting to participate in

Moving to Make a Difference!

On 2/20/21, all were invited to walk, run, bike, scooter, stroller, or skate your way to the Meetinghouse. Bring a mask and a mug, because a few folks will be ready with Hot Chocolate or tea! We're not just gathering to see each other (though that will be nice), we also want to make a difference. We are collecting non-perishable food and raising money to help fulfill the wants and needs of our neighbors. All the food will be delivered to Little Free Food pantries in the area. All the money raised will be donated to Beloved Asheville to support their ministry. You can choose to just bring food or money yourself, or get sponsors from friends and family members. Please feel free to join even if you are unable to participate in the movement part. And please remember to help keep everyone safe by keeping ample distance when removing your mask to enjoy your hot drink.

Lots of participants, kids galore, two dogs, brilliant sunshine, no wind, hot drinks, muffins and homemade cookies, and good vibes.....
-- Jim

Thanks so much to everyone! It was great to see everyone in person and have some time to visit. Thanks especially to Eden for her idea and persistence, and to Patty B, Susan, and Jen for all the delicious drinks, cookies and muffins. I'm attaching some pictures!
-- Laura

Thanks lots for this!! It was wonderful to see you all today, and to make this project a reality. Grateful to Tim and Patty for the food and beverage table, and to Susan for the delicious cookies..
-- Jennifer

I asked Ponkho Bermejo where to find the little pantries and he said to do a Google search for Beloved Asheville Street Pantry and refer to the map. Beloved has a recent post in Facebook, too, that shows them stocking a few of the pastries so you can see them as a "street view" lol. Here's a link to the map that came up when I did that Google search. Going to look for one closest to our apartment.
-- Adrianne


Second Month 9, 2021

Pat met with Chief Sneed, the Principal Chief of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians to discuss the proposed Land Acknowledgement from the Asheville Friends Meeting. During that meeting, Chief Sneed gave Pat the medallion shown below