Meetings have found it useful to identify specific needs and assign them to committees. Committee responsibilities, as described below, include caring for the meeting's members (and their spiritual development), its meeting for worship, its property and other resources, and its religious education, outreach and social action. Meeting committees, or their clerks, may occasionally meet together to assess the meeting's programs and activities, recognizing both what has been done well and what needs to be completed or done better.

In addition to fulfilling designated functions, committees also serve the meeting by preparing for decisions to be made at the monthly meeting for business. They identify the issues, gather useful information, and make seasoned recommendations. The meeting can then focus on the issues and, with divine assistance, discern what needs to be done.

Committees form the structure of the meeting and do the meeting's work. The committees most commonly established by meetings can be identified according to the work they do. Larger meetings may further divide these tasks and add more committees, while smaller meetings may combine tasks and assign them to fewer committees, or to a committee of the whole.

Asheville Friends Meeting Committees

Committee Membership

Care and Nurture
House and Grounds
Ministry and Counsel
Peace and Earth
Racial Justice
Religious Education
Spiritual Enrichment