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Today’s Topics:

1. this week at Meeting (Steve Livingston)

Dear Friends,

This week after rise of meeting for worship, we will have our usual social time with an emphasis on bidding farewell to our dear Friend Ellen Frerotte, who along with her husband Jim will be moving to West Virginia. Then, during the second hour Adult Spiritual Enrichment, we will have sharing of spiritual journeys with Edie Patrick, our new Friend from Tennessee, and . . . Ellen Frerotte!

Also, Friends who are planning to attend the SAYMA Gathering next month, don’t forget the deadline for registration without paying a late penalty is May 15. That would be this Saturday. Fortunately, you can download the registration form. Just go to sayma.org and click on “what’s new”.

Best wishes,

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Proposed Comments on SAYMA Faith and Practice Revision

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Dear Friends,

Shortly after our 01/2010 meeting for business, the SAYMA Faith and Practice Revision Committee asked our Meeting to review their proposed changes to the “Marriage” section. Given the very short time frame between their request (about two weeks ago) and their next meeting (about two weeks hence), there was not sufficient time for Asheville Friends to engage in a good seasoning process, with an ad hoc committee meeting to determine what recommendations to propose, which could then be reviewed by the Meeting, further seasoned, and finally approved.

Instead, our clerk invited any Friend who felt led to consider the work of the Revision Committee to take a written copy of their proposals and submit their comments to her in advance of the business meeting. Five Friends took up the invitation and two Friends have written responses. The Meeting is being asked to review their recommendations to see if we can unite with them. Whichever of these recommendations we can unite with can then be submitted on behalf of our Meeting. If there are any of these recommendations that a Friend does not feel comfortable with, then those recommendations will not be submitted on behalf of our Meeting.

Our clerk asks that each of us take the time in advance of the business meeting to read over the proposed section as well as the recommendations being submitted, so that the time we have available to spend on this in business meeting can be devoted to discussion and discernment. The two Friends’ recommendations are attached to this email in a single pdf document. The proposed section on marriage can be found at the SAYMA website, at this link:

Marriage section, proposed revisions

Best wishes,

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Upcoming: Faith and Practice Revisions

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The SAYMA Faith and Practice Revision Committee, which includes Asheville Friends Barbara Esther and Alan Robinson, hopes to present two proposals at Yearly Meeting in 2010. In preparation, their proposed revisions are being offered to monthly meetings and worship groups for review. They request that responses be seasoned to the point of rising to Minutes of Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business.

To begin that process in our Meeting, Barbara asks that Friends gather during the hour before worship this First Day, 11/1, to find whether we are led to make any recommendations on the proposed changes to the “Community” section of our Faith and Practice. You can preview the proposed text by clicking this link:

Proposed revisions to “Community” section

The first two paragraphs have already been approved by Yearly Meeting. The remaining paragraphs reflect changes requested by the YM to proposals that were presented in 2009. The text of these proposals is on the left, and the changes now being offered are on the right. You can compare these to the text as it appears in our current Faith and Practice by going to page 50 of the “working document” on the SAYMA website.

SAYMA Faith and Practice Working Document

Any recommendations rising to a “sense of the meeting” this week will be brought to the 11/8 Meeting for Business.

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Yearly Meeting

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The annual gathering of the Southern Appalachian Yearly Meeting and Association (SAYMA) will take place at Warren Wilson College, Jun 5-8. Advance programs on the table in the Foyer. Or, you can register online!

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