FGC Spring conference: Weaving Sacred Wholeness

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FGC’s Spring Conference, “Weaving Sacred Wholeness: Embracing Diversity Among Friends”, will take place at the Penn Center on St Helena Island, SC, March 6-8, 2009. Weaving Sacred Wholeness is an intergenerational conference which provides an opportunity for all Friends to explore diversity through deep conversation and experiential activities.

This conference is collaboratively organized by the Youth Ministries Committee and the Committee for Ministry on Racism of FGC. These committees work to bring Friends together to discuss how race and age affect our experiences as Quakers. As a group we will share our experiences with racism, classism, sexism, ageism, homophobia (and more), and begin to identify ways to strengthen our faith community and build a more whole Religious Society of Friends.

Registration for the conference is $245 for a double room, or $220 triple/quad room. Children’s rates are available for kids five and under. An Early Registration Discount is available until 1/19, a discount of $40 per adult.

Financial aid is limited and might be fully distributed to Friends who register by January 19th. Request financial aid during registration.

Come to worship, listen, share, have fun and envision change!

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