friends Digest, Vol 81, Issue 3

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Dear Friends,

After Meeting for Worship at 12:00 this coming Sunday Evan Richardson, Peter Buck, and Joy Anna Hodges will offer a taste of the deepening worship they have been called to in the last year… They call it “Embodied Quaker Worship” and invite folks to join them by saying –
“Quakers have been known to have: bodies, voices, stories, songs, dances, curiosity, a desire to celebrate life… all while standing before a world in great need… and while listening for the guidance of the “still small voice”. We’ve been heeding a call to bring all these things together. And we’ve been doing it by weaving together extended Quaker worship with the respectful, playful exploration of the creative spirit that is offered by doing “InterPlay”.
“We have found that such Embodied Quaker Worship speaks to a good number of Friends. At our 1st retreat given in May, and at presentations given to the School of the Spirit, at Nashville’s Regional Retreat, and at Celo’s Meeting House we have had Friends play and worship and affirm how satisfying it is to bring more of themselves to worship… and how good it is to offer Spirit a greater vocabulary with which to communicate truth and life to us… and how their sense of community quickly deepened.”
Please join us for Embodied Quaker Worship from 12:00 to 3:00.

Best wishes,

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Upcoming Retreat: Recreating Encounters With the Spirit

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From Evan Richardson:

Announcing an upcoming retreat offering in the mountains of western North Carolina for Friends longing for a sabbath experience and the opportunity to gather with other Friends interested in exploring more deeply what Spirit has for us as we enter corporately and individually into a place of rest in that which is Eternal and from which all Life and Truth arise! For more information go to

Flyer: Recreating Encounters With the Spirit

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