Kathryn goes to Honduras

Posted by admin on Jan 15, 2009 in Meeting News

Kathryn K is on her way to Honduras Saturday for a two-week visit with the group “Shoulder to Shoulder”. Founded by fellow Cincinattian Dr. Jeffrey Heck – who also, coincidentally, now calls Asheville home – Shoulder to Shoulder serves the rural poor with four health clinics and provides a daily meal for over 2000 children. There are programs with home and community water filters, women’s health, dentistry, Yo Puedo or young girls empowerment, scholarships for the brightest and poorest, libraries for the children. Shoulder to Shoulder is expanding rapidly with the addition of 3 new academic partnerships at 3 new sites and are building a new 5500 sq ft clinic in Concepcion.

Kathryn reports that she has no idea in what capacity she will be serving, but eagerly awaits her assignment. She feels privileged to join this mission as they don’t often accept non-medical personnel.

Perhaps they’ve found a need for a good psychologist?

Visit their website here. Hold Kathryn in the Light as she embarks on yet another great adventure!

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