Gardening and the spiritual life

Posted by admin on Jun 9, 2009 in Meeting News

A Friend related how his spiritual life is like his garden. He has been spending a lot of time in his garden lately, preparing the ground for planting. He finds that the spiritual life is like a garden in that most of the time and effort is involved in preparing the ground. And as with the garden, some things don’t grow well despite his best efforts. As with his spiritual life, he must discern what’s not growing well in the garden and take it out before it harms the healthy plants. And as with his spiritual life, he makes a lot of plans as to what he plant and where, but inevitably most of the seeds in his garden fall from the heavens. He has to determine which will grow into noxious weeds and which will be beneficial. So it is with the spiritual life. We have our disciplines, but much of what comes into our lives falls from the heavens.

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