Upcoming events for the week of July 18, 2010

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Provided for us by Susan Oehler

7/22/10  TRANSITION ASHEVILLE MEETING 90-minute orientations consist of a 30-minute video and then some discussion.  They are the perfect event to bring friends and family to if you’d like them to know more about the Transition movement.  The following orientations are scheduled:  Unitarian Universalist Church at Charlotte and Edwin in Asheville, at 7 pm on Thursday, July 22. Also on the first Mondays of the month at Firestorm Cafe at 7 PM.
07/27/10 PEACETOWN MEETING This will be at the Top Floor Studio office http://www.topfloorstudio.com/index.php?/directions.html  at 58 ½ North Lexington Ave, Asheville, NC.  Time is 6:30 PM. When you follow the above link for directions, there are parking suggestions given. After 6, street parking is free and Rankin and Civic Center parking decks are also close. There will be a peacetown sign on the door.
09/11/10 GREEN PARTY PICNIC This will be at Riverside Park, time TBA. 1
1/20/10 STAND UP, STAND DOWN BY VETERANS FOR PEACE More information to come!


Event organizers:  Be sure to enter your events on our community calendars – MAIN, Mountain Express, and Asheville Citizen Times
The NAACP has a petition against racism and intolerance and hate.
   * I believe all Americans have equal rights and equal value.
   * I cherish the diverse cultures, beliefs, and values of America.
   * I believe we can disagree without being disagreeable.
   * I repudiate all acts of racism and hate, both in words and action.
   * I have faith in the promise of America – a promise built on mutual respect, common civility, and hope for a better tomorrow.
   * I commit to building that better America by participating actively and peacefully in the democratic process. We are one people. We are one nation. I’m an NAACP American. The NAACP is asking the Tea Party to denounce racism clearly and indisputably, and they’re succeeding. Just today the Tea Party Federation kicked out the entire “Tea Party Express” group over its leader’s hateful remarks. But more pressure is needed to make sure it doesn’t stop there. I just signed the pledge to make it known that I support the NAACP’s condemnation of all racist acts committed by members of the Tea Party. You can join me, and the NAACP, to stop the hate. Add your name to the pledge: http://action.naacp.org/AgainstHate As NAACP President and CEO Ben Jealous said, “We’ve seen the signs, we’ve heard the slurs, and all we’re asking is for you to act responsibly and say there’s no space for bigots in the Tea Party.” Make sure the NAACP knows they have your support — sign the pledge: http://action.naacp.org/AgainstHate Thanks!


Kabuki Activism: Obama, Axelrod Engage on Unemployment Extension After Outcome Decided

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend of the White House ramping up its rhetorical machinery only after a gain has been secured. Organizing for America is becoming famous for sending out emails on votes where the outcome is pre-ordained; they did it last week with the Wall Street reform vote in the Senate, after enough Senators made their positions known to get to 60 votes. Now it’s happening again on unemployment insurance. President Obama’s weekly address was hard-hitting and actually welcome, slamming Republicans for opting to “filibuster our recovery and obstruct our progress.” David Axelrod followed up with an email to supporters.  The White House on Saturday deployed senior advisor David Axelrod to bolster President Barack Obama’s political attack on Senate Republicans for blocking extension of unemployment benefits.   Axelrod, echoing Obama’s weekly radio address, circulated an email that calls on Republicans to allow an up-or-down vote:   “Unemployment insurance is a vital lifeline for many families struggling to find work in these tough times. Over the past few weeks, that lifeline has disappeared for more than 2 million Americans, and if Congress doesn’t act, that number will grow to 3.2 million people by the end of this month,” Axelrod writes. I’m happy to see the White House enter the playing field on unemployment benefits, but this is a fait accompli. Fifteen minutes after Carte Goodwin gets sworn in on Tuesday as West Virginia’s newest Senator, the Senate will vote to proceed on the unemployment bill, and they will have the votes for passage.
Rest of the article here: http://news.firedoglake.com/2010/07/18/kabuki-activism-obama-axelrod-engage-on-unemployment-extension-after-outcome-decided/

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Upcoming Events for the week of June 13, 2010

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Provided to us by Susan Oehler

06/17/10 PROTEST IN GAFFNEY SC AGAINST NUCLEAR POWER PLANT From Laura:  I am carpooling (this Thursday at 5:15 from EarthFare) to protest at the NRC public hearing concerning the use of water for the proposed William States Lee Nuclear Plant in Gaffney, SC  just 80 miles from Asheville. PLEASE JOIN ME.  47 million gallons of water per day would be used from the Broad River AND the new Cliffside Power Plant will also draw (280 million gallons a day) from the same river just 20 miles north. Nuclear Power is DANGEROUS, DIRTY, AND EXPENSIVE. We need the public to show up! Your presence and voice matter!  Thanks,  Laura S. lsredoak@gmail.com

06/17/10 TRANSITION ASHEVILLE DISCUSSION ON PEAK OIL Just as climate change will affect the stability of our ecosystem, the coming decline in petroleum production will soon affect the stability of our economy and our entire way of life.  Come find out about this and the Transition Town movement, which seeks to pro-actively rebuild local resilience and prepare for these coming crises.  The meeting will consist of a 30-minute movie, followed by discussion. June 17th 7:00 – 8:30 PM North Asheville Library meeting room.  All Transition Asheville events: http://transitionasheville.ning.com/events/event/leistUpcoming

06/18/10 PHYSICIANS FOR SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY MEETING Time is noon, location is 45 Riverside Drive in Asheville.  Please park on the street. 06/22/10  UN ASSOCIATION PANEL ON HAITI This will be held at First Congregational Church at 20 Oak Street, Asheville.  It is titled HAITI: PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE, a panel discussion re the earthquake and its sequelae. Time is 7 PM.

06/22/10 to 06/26/10  US SOCIAL FORUM IN DETROIT The US Social Forum is more than a event, more than a networking bonanza, more than a reaction to war and repression. The USSF will provide space to build relationships, learn from each other’s experiences, share our analysis of the problems our communities face, and bring renewed insight and inspiration. It will help develop leadership and consciousness, vision, and strategy needed to realize another world.

06/25/10 BEFORE STONEWALL FILM In celebration of the anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall riots, a monumental turning point in the history of the gay rights movement, we’ll be showing the movie “Before Stonewall.” This film shows the history of the gay rights movement up until June 28th, 1969. Come back on June 28th to join us for the showing of the second part of the film, “After Stonewall.”  Time is 7 PM.  This is at Firestorm Cafe.

06/28/10 AFTER STONEWALL FILM In celebration of the anniversary of the Stonewall riots, a monumental turning point in the history of the gay rights movement, we will be showing the film After Stonewall. The film focuses on the outcome of the riots, as well as the way that the movement took off after the events of June 28th.  Time is 7 PM. This is at Firestorm Cafe.

07/03/10 –  07/05/10  RESISTANCE FOR A NUCLEAR-FREE FUTURE AT MARYVILLE COLLEGE, MARYVILLE & Y-12 NUCLEAR WEAPONS COMPLEX, OAK RIDGE, TENNESSEE This gathering is for people who advocate, practice and/or support nonviolent direct action, civil resistance and civil disobedience in the struggle to stop nuclear power and abolish nuclear weapons.  At a critical time in the movement for a nuclear-free future, we are coming together to increase awareness and action around nuclear issues, and create an opportunity for new and seasoned activists to meet and strategize for a nuclear-free future!  More information at:

07/04/10 – The start of SUMMER CAMP OUT NOW in DC with Cindy Sheehan.

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A visit with Elliot Adams

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Elliott Adams, past president of Veterans For Peace, visited Asheville last week to give a workshop on nonviolent activism at UNCA. Adams was a paratrooper in the infantry, and served in Vietnam, Japan, Korea, and Alaska. He is now a Nonviolent Training Coordinator for Veterans For Peace. He is dedicating his life to stopping this war and stopping all war.

In addition to the workshop, Adams spoke to a larger gathering, and engaged in a bit of direct action with local Vets for Peace and other activists.

war tax banner

You can read more about this event at the Asheville War Resisters’ League blog:

Taxes, Tea, and Fireside Conspiracy

Thanks to Clare Hanrahan for the excellent reporting!

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Community involvement

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A lot of us donate a share of our time and energy to participate in the work of various community organizations. Read more…

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