updated Tenth Month 2020

Note: the four-digit number in parentheses following a person’s name indicates the year and month that they began serving in that capacity.

Clerk: Bob L (2010)

Asst. Clerk:

Recording Clerk: Beth E (2001)

Asst. Recording Clerk:

Treasurer: Satchel L (1705)

Asst. Treasurer: Julia D (1902)

Meetinghouse Coordinator: Pat J (1808)

Archivist: unfilled

Recorder: Barbara E (1506)

SAYMA Representative: Morgan M (2001)

Board of Directors

As owners of real property, we are required by law to have a Board of Directors to manage our assets.


Care and Nurture Committee


  • Jim C (1804)
    Sarah Jane T (1804)
    Nicketie J (1808)

Communications Committee

Maintains the Meeting website, stores and disseminates the minutes of our Business Meetings, sends out notices to everyone on the listserv.


  • Clerk –
    Nikolai W (1902)
    Julia D (1902)
    Mike E (1807)

Finance Committee

Maintains the Meeting’s records on Quickbooks, pays the Meeting’s bills, pays the Meeting’s employees and the resultant payroll taxes, reimburses Friends who have spent money on behalf of the Meeting, and prepares the annual budget for Meeting approval.


  • Clerk – Pat J
    David C
    Satchel L (treasurer 1705)
    Julia D (asst treasurer 1902)
  • Ellen C (2010)

Hospitality Committee

Supervises Sunday refreshments and arranges for a greeter, also welcomes newcomers.


House and Grounds Committee

Buys the Meeting’s supplies, hires a cleaning person and an outside lawn-care worker, puts together groups of volunteers for specific projects such as landscaping, arranges for things that are broken to be fixed, deals with the fire marshal and Metropolitan Sewage as needed, collects and distributes the mail, maintains the mail table in the foyer, routes messages left on the Meetings phone to the proper Friends, and periodically takes the trash can to the curbside for Tuesday pickup.


Library Committee

Supervises the library and buys new books as way opens. It also stores certain periodicals and newsletters from other meetings.


Long Range Planning and Visioning

Newly formed standing committee, all members approved Spring of 2019 except as noted


  • Jim C
    Beth E
    Pat J
    Patty B
    Julia D
    Sarah Jane T
    Rylin H
    Pat C
    Satchel L (1910)
    Patti H (1910)
    Annika P (1910)
    Nikolai W (1910)
    Barbara E (1910)
    Bob S (1910)

Ministry and Counsel Committee

Supervises the spiritual life of the community such as the conduct of the business meeting and new memberships. It also serves as a sounding board for the clerk. From time to time it revises information available to Friends and visitors in the vestibule. It tends to the needs of individuals through its sub-committee, Care and Nurture.


Nominating Committee

Nominating Committee is responsible for all committee appointments, except for appointments to the Nominating Committee itself, and also for filling all positions of responsibility (officers).


Peace and Earth Committee

Distributes all of the Meeting’s budgeted outreach funds: local, national, and international. It is also charged with keeping Friends aware of any political/legal matters which touch our traditional values/testimonies.


Racial Justice Committee

In First Month 2015, Asheville Friends Meeting began working toward unity on the mission statement for the Racial Justice Committee, finally reaching unity in Tenth Month 2019: The Racial Justice Committee of the Asheville Friends Meeting works to address individual, systemic, and institutional white supremacy/racism in Asheville Friends Meeting, the City of Asheville, and the greater SAYMA community.


Religious Education Committee

Through stories, readings, Scriptures and other inspirational sources including the history, traditions and testimonies of Friends, the RE Committee hopes to prepare the children for the time when they will want make decisions about which spiritual path they will wish to align themselves. The RE committee also supervises the paid child-care specialist who takes care of children too young for the program.


Scholarship Committee

Scholarship Committee takes requests from individual Friends needing financial support to attend or participate in events or activities and provides for or recommends funding.


  • Elizabeth D
    Pat J
    Katherine K

Spiritual Enrichment Committee

The Spiritual Enrichment committee is charged with presenting periodic after-meeting programs which Friends will find enriching, including threshing sessions, home-led presentations, and various outside speakers. It is also charged with planning for occasional retreats, both day-long and over-night.


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