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>>> Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Asheville Friends Meeting is not currently hosting any in-person meetings <<<

(307) 800-1604
227 Edgewood Road
(just east of UNC-A campus)
Meeting for worship at 10 a.m.

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Meetinghouse Improvements


    We’ve seen a lot of changes in our Meetinghouse and Grounds this year! We now have a handicap entrance with ramp and doorway that meet code. We have a proper stairway on the back of the house and the back deck on the second story is fully upgraded. Our pollinator garden is looking verdant, and at the lower end of the front yard we have a raised bed garden.






Spiritual Retreat

    Our recent residential retreat at the Montreat Conference Center was a great success, with 17 adults and 3 children attending. Deborah Shaw of Friendship Friends Meeting in Guilford facilitated our exploration of pathways to becoming a more Beloved Community as we shared, sang, cooked, ate, hiked, and worshiped together.

Comments from participants:
My one word to describe our retreat, held over this past weekend at Montreat, is “Connection” … Because of this retreat my friendships became stronger and my inner connection deepened.

During the weekend, I felt deeply as we listened to the light within being expressed as everyone shared freely. I truly felt we were surrounded and caught in a web of one being as we explored our spiritual journeys and reflected on what we each could offer to the community.

Sanctuary Movement

    Asheville Meeting came one step closer to joining the Sanctuary Movement at our business meeting last week as our Peace and Earth Committee proposed a Minute of Support and encouraged Friends to get involved. Friends present were not entirely easy with approving the minute without seasoning it for a time, as it does represent a big commitment including potentially being caught up in acts of civil disobedience.
    Friends are encouraged to read and sit with the proposed minute and provide feedback to the Peace and Earth Committee in advance of the next business meeting. Here follows the proposed minute:


Asheville Friends Meeting agrees to partner with the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Asheville and other faith communities in providing sanctuary to immigrants in danger of immediate deportation. We pledge our resources of time, talent, and treasures to work alongside our friends, families, neighbors, and partner organizations to create sacred space of sanctuary. We also pledge to educate and activate our community to amplify and respond to the voices of immigrant leaders, and to speak out against discrimination and to resist any harmful and unjust policy proposals that further undermine due process and lead to racial profiling and discrimination.

This means that we will continue to build relationships with immigrant partners here in Asheville and work to be allies and accomplices as they organize for their own liberation. We will speak out when we can, and amplify the voices of the marginalized in our community.

Asheville Friends Public Statements

    Almost all of the worship and discernment of meetings for worship with attention to business concern the spiritual and temporal life of the meeting community only, but every once in a great while, the Meeting is moved to broadcast its discovered truth to a wider audience, or as the Friendly expression goes, “speak truth to power.” Friends refer to such statements of discovered truth as “minutes”. Our Meeting has been led to publish the following “minutes”:


Statement on the 9/11 Attacks
Statement concerning war against Iraq
Statements on sexual identity and sexual orientation
Statement in support of religious freedom for Muslims in America
Minute Of Concern and Action Regarding Police Violence Against People Of Color
Statement Concerning SBI Report On Death Of Jerry Williams


Meeting for Worship

  • Every First Day (Sunday)
  • 9:30 a.m. Singing
  • (no later than) 9:55 a.m. Transition to silent worship
  • 10:00 a.m. Silent worship
  • 10:15 a.m. First Day School for children
  • 11:00 a.m. Sharing of joys & sorrows
  • 11:15 a.m. First Day School ends
  • 11:30 a.m. Fellowship


We sing many traditional hymns (with some wording adjustments for inclusiveness and universality) as well as contemporary. All a cappella of course! We use the well-known green hardcover Quaker Hymnal, as well as “Rise Up Singing” and our own little booklet of favorite hymns.

Meeting for Worship with Attention to Our Business

There is a saying among Friends that we did not abolish the clergy, we abolished the laity. Join us after rise of Meeting for Worship to experience the aspect of Quaker practice that most sets us apart from other religious faiths, as we seek to discern Divine leadings in our work and discover Divine truth for our community.

  • Each Second First Day (Sunday) of the month
  • Supervised play for children
  • Begins at 12 noon
  • Ends by 2 p.m.

Sandwich Sunday

  • Each Fourth First Day (Sunday) of the month
  • Begins after rise of Meeting
  • “Loaves, fishes, and fellowship” – everyone welcome!
  • Healthful, homemade dishes encouraged
  • Be mindful of dietary restrictions and list ingredients of your offerings
  • Ends when cleanup is completed

Adult Spiritual Enrichment

  • First, third, and fifth First Day (Sunday) of the month
  • Begins at 12 noon
  • Supervised play for children
  • Ends by 2 p.m.

Care & Nurture

  • Looks after Friends with special needs

Unprogrammed Worship

The Asheville Friends Meeting is an unprogrammed meeting.

Unprogrammed worship is the more traditional style of worship among Friends and remains the norm in Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and parts of the United States and Canada. During an unprogrammed meeting for worship, Friends gather together in “expectant waiting” for divine leadings. Sometimes a meeting is entirely silent, sometimes quite a few people speak. Meeting for Worship generally lasts about an hour.

A member will rise and share a message (give “ministry”) with the gathered meeting when they feel they are led by the spirit. Typically, messages, testimonies, ministry, or other speech are unprepared, and members are expected by the community to discern the source of their inspiration—whether divine or self.

Unprogrammed worship is generally deemed to start as soon as the first participant is seated, the others entering the room in silence. The Meeting for Worship ends when one person (usually predetermined) shakes the hand of his or her neighbor. All the members of the assembly then shake hands with their neighbors, after which one member usually rises and extends greetings and makes announcements. Many meetings serve coffee or tea after meeting, which gives everyone an opportunity to catch up with friends and chat with visitors.

A Visitor Reflects On Her Experience At AFM

Click here to read Michelle Smith’s moving essay on her recent visit to our Meeting

Midweek Meeting for Worship

Our Midweek Meeting is currently on hiatus.

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