Meeting Retreat: Small group, big success!

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Our Meeting’s residential retreat was held at the Glen Rock Inn at Montreat Conference Center last weekend. Nineteen Friends took the opportunity to examine their spiritual journeys together and deepen their relationships with one another, with the theme “Telling Our Stories”. Peter Buck and his friend Joy, who graduated from Earlham College with Lydia and Ben Hearne, led us through exercises to get in touch with our inner storytellers, and our inner dancers. We drew maps of our spiritual journeys and brought three favorite Bible stories into a modern Quaker context: the parable of the Good Samaritan, the parable of the Talents, and the story of Jesus and the woman caught in adultery. Several of us enjoyed an outdoor adventure on the Graybeard Trail on Saturday afternoon, and Joyce Rawlings-Davies led us at the end through an exercise to illustrate “where we are now in our spiritual journey”.

Both worship and fellowship were times of deep sharing, renewing our connections and forming new ones. We found out that we all have a lot of stories to tell, we practiced with tools to tell them better, and we experienced a coming together in both joy and sorrow through those stories. It was exhilirating! If you’d like to see a few photos from the retreat, just click here!

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