Those who suffer from upheavals

Posted by admin on Mar 19, 2009 in Meeting News |

A Friend rose to ask that we hold in the light those people whose lives are impacted by great changes taking place around them.

She acknowledged that our Meeting has a practice of holding folks in the light in the closing minutes of the worship, and that she was at first uncertain that her concerns should be spoken during worship rather than at the appointed time. But she felt led to believe that these concerns had risen to the level of vocal ministry.

She asked that Friends hold the people of El Salvador in the light as they approach their first election since their civil war that the opposition party was likely to win. She pointed out that, unfortunately, wars do not end very neatly. The violence subsides slowly n as folks struggle to manage the peace and lay down their hostilities.

She asked too that Friends remeber the victims of Hurricane Katrina, who are still living in the tragedy. Many are still homeless, and many more will never be able to return to their homes. They, and the people of El Salvador, need to learn how to support each other by: (1) listening to each other; (2) accepting the gentle arm of divinity; and (3) standing shoulder to shoulder accepting the reality of their situation, and moving on.


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