Minutes, 12th month, 14th day 2008

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Clerk: Barbara Esther

Co-Recording Clerk: Jen Rhode (jmrhode@yahoo.com)

Friends Present: Bobby Carter, Jim Cavener, Ellen Frerotte, Joy Gossett, Rylin Hansen, Pat Johnson, Katherine Kowal, Steve Livingston, Rusty Maynard, Kitti Reynolds, Alan Robinson, Sarah Jane Thomas, Adrianne Weir.

Opening Worship (12:15 p.m.)


The tendency is to overburden ourselves with the amount of work we try to do. Matthew 6:22 is instructive here: “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light” (KJV) The life of simplicity is the focused, disciplined life in which we do not take on more than we can reasonably handle. This means uncomplicating our overscheduled and overburdened lives. It means having a clear sense of what is most important and learning how to leave aside those things that detract from and clutter up our lives – the excess baggage. In short, the testimony of simplicity calls for a reordering of our lives so that we become spiritually centered and focused.

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