Minutes, 11th month 9th day 2008

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Clerk: Barbara Esther

Co-Recording Clerk: Jen Rhode (jmrhode@yahoo.com)

Present: Jim Barton, Lynnora Bierce, Gary Briggs, Bobby Carter, Christy Gjelfriend, George Gjelfriend, Joy Gossett, Rylin Hansen, Pat Johnson, Katherine Kowal, Steve Livingston, Phil Neal, Kitti Reynolds, Alan Robinson, Rob Waskom, Adrianne Weir, Nicholas Wells (baking cookies for us), Robin Wells.

Opening Worship at 12:15

We began with a short period of silent worship.

The Clerk shared the following reading:

To read the Scriptures is to look in a mirror and find our own inner life, both as individuals and as a community, reflected in the lives of our spiritual forebears. Reading the Scriptures is an experience of growing self-knowledge. The life experiences of Biblical characters are analogous to our own; their spiritual conditions are ours. Reading the Bible is therefore an event of self-discovery, as we are taught by the same Spirit that inspired the written words of Scripture.

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