Minute of Concern about Excessive Police Force

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Asheville Friends Meeting approved the following Minute, as recommended by AFM Racial Justice Committee, at a called Meeting For Business on 7/17/2016, with actions to to be discussed and taken as opportunity arises and Spirit leads:

“Our hearts are cracked open by the excessive use of force by police in our nation and in our own community, against people of color, especially young black men and Jerry Williams in particular. We acknowledge that this long history of institutionalized violence has repeatedly broken the hearts and shattered the lives of people in our community.

We recognize that our silence makes us complicit. If we fail to speak now, our silence will be deafening. Therefore, we are called to take the following actions:
• To bear Quaker witness and speak “Truth to power” in our community
• To support the family and community most impacted by racial violence: to stand with them, believe in them, and affirm their vital importance to this city.”

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