Friends Support Love Of Reading In Swaziland

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Once again, Asheville Friends have been led to make a very substantial donation to support fundamental and profound change in quality of life for people living far from our own geographic and economic place in the world. At our twelfth month 2013 meeting for business, Friends approved fully funding the Vusumnotfo reading project in Swaziland, the latest effort of Stephanie Gossett’s Peace Corps career, to provide a home for the several thousands of books that have already been donated to promote a love of reading and learning among Swazi youth.

Over $6000 was donated from the Alice Brown Fund, which Friends thought especially appropriate because of Alice’s connections to Southern Africa and her unflagging support of the leadings of young Friends in our Meeting. Friends were hesitant to make such a large donation without taking the time for deeper seasoning, but in the end were moved by the urgency of the need and influenced by memory of Alice’s frequent advice to “just get on with it”.

One Friend, reflecting more recently on our support of Stephanie’s work in Africa, shared these thoughts:

“To Friends, seeing the photos and reading the reports on teaching reading in Swaziland make me feel delighted to be a member of our Meeting, and glad to be sending support to Stephanie to do this work.”

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