Ecology As Spiritual Practice

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Last week at Meeting, a small group of Asheville Friends stayed on for the second hour and were treated to a taste of Celo Friend Bob McGahey’s workshop on “Ecology As Spiritual Practice”. The purpose of the workshop is to acknowledge the Creator’s presence throughout Creation and re-awaken prophetic justice and compassion, both for the earth and for ourselves. The workshop was almost completely experiential, with just enough presentation to keep participants on track.

We engaged in three exercises. First, Bob presented us with three open ended thoughts to help us place ourselves in the continuum of Creation, to think about our impact on the Earth and how it will affect our children’s children’s children. Next we engaged in what Bob called an “unflinching moral inventory” of the actions, behaviors, and attitudes that we have that impact the ecology. After we had given voice to our “sins”, we each asked one another – and ourselves – for “forgiveness”. Last, we joined hands for a prayer-dance for the healing of the Earth. This was not an exuberant jig or complicated folk dance, rather it was a simple, slow series of movements set to a sad Eastern European song, whose words we could not understand, but we were given to know that it was a song about mothers losing their sons to war. After a few rounds of the dance, we were asked to name particular aspects of the ecology that came to us as being especially precious, lifting them up and holding them in the Light.

It was a beautiful, enlightening, and refreshing experience.

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