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Dear Friends,

The following is a message from Elizabeth Eames Roebling, a member of
Asheville Meeting sojourning in the Dominican Republic:

I ask for your Light once again for our island of Hispanola and the 20
million people who live on it. Agence France Presse now reports one
death from cholera in Cite Soleil. The UN Heath organization reports
that cholera is now in the rivers. They estimate that there could be as
many as 300,000 cases of this disease in Haiti. Although the global rate
of survival is quite high, at about 75%, Haiti is in an extremely
fragile state. Since our water systems are conjoint, the Dominican
Republic, where 52% of the people are below the global poverty line, is
now also at risk.

There are reports that United States pledge of $1.2 billion to Haiti for
the reconstruction after the Earthquake is being held up in Congress
until they are assured that the money will not be”misspent”. Might there
be Friends who are active with FCNL who are capable of finding
out exactly what committee or authorizing agency is in charge of this

Might Friends also consider taking this issue to their repsective Peace
and Earth Committees for review with the aim of moving it to the top of
the list of FCNLs Legislative agenda?

I appreciate your attention, concern and Light.

I am much upheld by your collective strength.

Elizabeth Roebling
Asheville Monthly Meeting
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


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