friends Digest, Vol 80, Issue 2

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 Dear Friends, This coming weekend we will have our monthly meeting for worship with attention to our Meeting’s business. Please be sure that all reports, concerns, and other business items are posted to Katherine K and to Barbara E who will be sitting in as recording clerk this month. Also please prepare for the meeting by reviewing the minutes of last month’s meeting, which have been posted on our website:

There are numerous opportunities for Friends to practice compassion and generosity, as there are many people in need, both near and far. Our Meeting has an ongoing collection for Manna Food Bank, and you will find a collection box in the foyer where you can donate non-perishable food items. Also Susan O continues to collect small kitchen and household items to help formerly homeless people transition back to independent living.

In Haiti, there is still a tremendous need for material and medical support, as the $1 Billion aid promised by the U.S. Government many months ago has been stalled by a stubborn Senator. Fortunately there are several worthy non-governmental organizations on the ground in Haiti doing the work that our tax dollars ought to be helping with, such as Mercy Corps, Partners in Health, and Doctors Without Borders. Please consider making a donation to one of these organizations, or if you want your donation specifically to help Haiti, there are two other worthy organizations that will allow that: Bill Clinton Foundation – Haiti relief (be sure to earmark your donation) J/P Haitian Relief Organization (working strictly in Haiti)

Best Wishes, Steve

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