We Missed Meeting, But…

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…… we can still share Quaker community-building despite the storm and inability to physically ‘cluster’ as we usually do, Thanks to local print media we have opportunity to ‘hear’ (well. read!) messages from, and about, two of our Asheville Friends Meeting regulars:
1] The current Mountain Xpress (Jan 27 — Feb 2, bottom of page 7) has a fine letter from Susan Oehler, decrying the on-going war efforts of our nation, particularly in the Middle East (could access to petroleum be behind all this calculated mahem?) .
2] The Asheville Citizen-Times (Thursday, Jan 28 — page A6) has a page-long single column commentary on our Laura Maynard and her seven-year journey as a ‘Big Sister” to a young woman in our community.
Well written, and a lovely tribute to Friend Laura.
Stay warm and dry, Jim

(The Citizen-Times’ tribute to Laura MAY be on the website, but I can’t locate it, The Mountain Xpress letter from Susan is re-printed, below)

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