Our Dear Friend Gary Briggs

Posted by admin on Dec 25, 2009 in Meeting News, Passages |

Dear Friends,

Gary’s son Jeremy asked that the following note be shared with the Meeting community. It was written earlier this evening:

“Dad, Gary, is ending his time in his body. Multiple organs are beginning to fail, and his body is telling us what his voice can not. It is time to let him go.

We will be removing the paralytic drug that has been allowing the ventilator to be working at such a high pressure, then removing the ventilator a bit later. Given the condition of his lungs, he will probably not last long. The medical staff will be administering whatever drugs are necessary for his comfort.

Please hold Gary in the Light during this time of transition.

Thank you for your love and support. I hope the holiday finds you with
laughter and joy regardless.

peace and blessings,

Friends, our beloved Gary Briggs passed away from this life just a few hours later. His sons were with him at the time.

May the weight of this loss be tempered by the blessings of the season.

Best wishes,

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