Minutes, 9th month 14th day 2008

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Clerk: Barbara Esther

Recording Co-Clerk: Jennifer Rhode

Present: Bobby Carter, Barbara Esther, Ellen Frevotte, George Gjelfriend, Joy Gossett, Rylin Hansen, Pat Johnson, Katherine Kowal, Steve Livingston, Laura Maynard, Jennifer Rhode, Adrianne Weir, Robin Wells.

Opening Worship at 12:15


I felt as though I led a double life. All week I interacted with folks for whom it was glaringly obvious that the end was near, and that it was the fault of gay marriage and pornography and liberals. Then on Sundays I went to meeting and interacted with people who also thought we were going to hell in the proverbial handbasket, but who were sure it was the fault of the Religious Right and the Republicans. I came up with a name for it: worldview whiplash! . . . As anyone who wears bifocals can attest, while they are an improvement over single lens glasses or no glasses at all, they are still an imperfect solution to flawed vision. . .I learned that there is a single lens. It is not the lens of the “Religious Right” or “Liberal Quakerism.” It is not a lens that has received the exclusive seal of approval from any denomination. It is a lens formed through a deeper prayer life and deeper dependence on the Holy Spirit than most of us manage. My vision is not yet adapted to this lens – I am full of spiritual astigmatisms, and suspect I always will be. But the headaches and sense of whiplash are much diminished, so maybe I am on the right path.

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