Minutes, 10th month 12th day 2008

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Clerk: Barbara Esther

Recording Clerk: Lynnora Bierce

Attendance: Rusty Maynard, Phil Neal, Steve Livingston, Alan Robinson, George Gjelfriend, Raelin Hansen, Joy Gossett, Robin Wells, Rob, Pat Johnson, Jim Cavener, Ellen Frerotte, Kristi Gjelfriend


Those of us known as ‘activists’ have sometimes been hurt by the written or spoken implication that we must be spending too little time on our spiritual contemplative lives. I do know many atheists who are active to improve the lot of humankind; but for those of us who are Friends, our attendance at meeting for worship and our silent prayerful times are what make our outer activity viable and effective – if it is effective.

I have similarly seen quieter Friends hurt by the implication that they do not care enough, because they are not seen to be ‘politically active’. Some worry unnecessarily that they may be doing things of a ‘less important’ nature, as if to be seen doing things by the eyes of the world is the same thing as to be seen doing things by the eyes of God. . . I suggest that we refrain from judging each other or belittling what each is doing; and that we should not feel belittled. We cannot know the prayers that others make or do not make in their own times of silent aloneness. We cannot know the letters others may be writing to governments, similarly. . . We were all made differently, in order to perform different tasks. Let us rejoice in our differences.

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