Asheville Friends Strive for Living Wage

Posted by admin on May 26, 2015 in Meeting News

Finance Committee has recommended that Asheville Friends Meeting seek Living Wage Certification through Just Economics, and commit to offering all regular full-time and part-time employees a minimum wage of $12.50 per hour without qualifying employer provided health insurance, or $11.00 per hour with employer provided health insurance.

In reality we are already paying one of our two employees $15 per hour, and Finance Committee recommends raising the wage of our other employee to $15/hr from the current $12. This will incur a cost to the Meeting of about $250 annually.

Friends are asked to examine the Just Economics Web Page in advance of our next business meeting, when these recommendations will be presented for approval. Finance Committee has also set up a Google Group and invites comments at this email address: afm-finance-and-board@googlegroups.com

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