Asheville Friends Give $8000 To Dig Water Well in Vietnam

Posted by admin on Jun 19, 2013 in Actions, Meeting News

In many villages in the mountainous regions in Quang Ngai province existing wells were dug only to bedrock. These wells dry up during the hot season. Therefore, the people must walk up to streams in the mountains to carry water on poles and small buckets back to their homes for their use.

This project involves drilling for water through up to 120’ of bedrock, where the water will then be pumped to various locations for community use.

Madison Quakers project coordinator Phan Van Do has been working with village elders and professional well diggers researching the engineering logistics of these projects. This research will allow Madison Quakers to dig these wells deeper once sufficient funds are raised. In addition to the drilling, donations will be used for the pumps, pipes, faucets, and the supplies for the basins.
Asheville Friends have been supporting Madison Quakers’ Vietnam projects for several years with a modest annual donation. Several Asheville Friends heard Phan speak at Swannanoa Valley Meeting last year.

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