Sandwich Sunday

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Each Fourth First Day (Sunday) of the month, Asheville Friends enjoy a shared pot luck meal – we call it “Sandwich Sunday” even though there are often no sandwiches at all. There is often homemade bread though – several regular participants are accomplished bakers! Everyone is welcome, whether you bring something to share or not. In the “loaves and fishes” tradition, there always seems to be enough to go around.

Sandwich Sunday begins after rise of Meeting, once Friends have had a chance to clear the meeting space, set up tables, and set out the food. Then we gather in a circle, holding hands as we sing “Simple Gifts”. We usually let the younger attenders go to the front of the line – so they can practice restraint!

We encourage healthful, homemade dishes, along with fresh fruits and raw vegetables, rather than packaged foods. We avoid soft drinks. We ask that all prepared foods be labeled as to their ingredients, for the safety and well-being of those with dietary restrictions.

We don’t have a set ending time, except that we must be mindful of others who may be using the Meetinghouse in the afternoon, and acknowedging that the meal is not over until clean-up is completed.


Meeting For Business

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At least that’s the common, short, expression for what is more formally called “Meeting For Worship With Attention To Our Meeting’s Business”.

Why is it a “Meeting For Worship”? Because in the Quaker practice, we conduct our business by seeking Divine guidance in all of our affairs. To accomplish that, we seek to remain in a worshipful state, open to the leadings of Spirit, holding one another in the Light, listening for that of G*D in our own hearts and in the words that are expressed by any other Friend who is led to speak.

The meeting is facilitated by the “clerk”, a person who is designated to listen carefully to all who speak and discern what is the way forward, if there is one. Once all members present feel clear to unite on a way forward, the clerk articulates the “sense of the Meeting”, and it is recorded as a “minute” of the Meeting.

This, in a nutshell, is the Quaker way of conducting business. Most matters are fairly routine, and minutes are recorded with little discussion. Some matters remain unresolved for years, or even generations. We continue to seek truth, and discover it anew. This process, famously referred to as “beyond consensus”, is what really sets Quakers apart from any other group.

Guests are welcome to join us, listen, and speak if they are led.

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