Friends Digest, Vol 80, Issue 4

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Dear Friends,

This week after rise of Meeting, please join with Friends on our second Gray Briggs Memorial Hike. We can’t help but call it a Gary Briggs Memorial Hike, because we can’t help but remember that Gary was such an avid hiker and outdoorsman, and always a joy to share a trail with. This hike will take us down a stretch of the Mountains To the Sea Trail near Mt. Pisgah, offering splendid views of the mixed forest in the upper Mills River valley. It’s only a mile and a half, a very gentle (though sometimes narrow) trail, mostly downhill. We’ll leave from the Meetinghouse at about 1 p.m. And carpool up. Don’t forget, this week is also our “Sandwich Sunday”, so please plan to share a noonday meal with Friends, whether you’re hiking or not.

Best wishes, Steve

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State of Grace Document Workshop

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Another upcoming event which might be of interest to Asheville Friends and others oriented toward Peace at all levels of human interaction is this upcoming introductory workshop with the State of Grace creators, Maureen McCarthy and Zelle Nelson, which is being hosted by Transition Asheville.

From the annoucement material:

The State of Grace Document is a collaboration process used to establish healthier, more resilient business and personal relationships. It is currently being used in communities, corporations, small businesses, non-profits, churches, families, schools, between partners, couples, friends, siblings, etc. in countries around the world. This process can be used within any relationship situation that exists, and with as many people as are involved. The Document is often used to replace or enhance traditional legal contracts and provides a path back to peace if the need arises.

In this Workshop you will learn about designing and creating a State of Grace Document in order to: create a foundation and on-going practice within the relationship; enable you to pursue higher levels of consciousness in the community; and build a profound degree of internal cohesion.

Come to explore how the State of Grace Document can serve as a catalyst for a more supportive culture in Western North Carolina built on the trust, communication, and interdependence that will be needed if we are to thrive in an uncertain future.

Learn more about The State of Grace Document at www.stateofgracedocument.com.
Individual Transition Asheville supporters and community allies, please join us.
To register contact Jeanie Martin:

Event dates:
Wednesday November 3, 7-9 pm
~ or ~
Thursday November 11, 7-9 pm

First Congregational Church
20 Oak St., Asheville, NC
(park in back and look for the sign)

Registrations must be received by Oct. 27th
Cost is $10.00

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friends Digest, Vol 80, Issue 3

Posted by admin on Oct 16, 2010 in spiritual enrichment

Dear Friends,

Please join us this week at Meeting for worship, social time, and an
adult spiritual enrichment offering of “Worship With All Creation”.
Rylin H and Eric S will facilitate this exercise in awareness of the
spiritual presence that dwells within all aspects of the world around
us, and reverence for the sacred within the living earth.

Best wishes,



friends Digest, Vol 80, Issue 2

Posted by admin on Oct 7, 2010 in Meeting Events, minutes

 Dear Friends, This coming weekend we will have our monthly meeting for worship with attention to our Meeting’s business. Please be sure that all reports, concerns, and other business items are posted to Katherine K and to Barbara E who will be sitting in as recording clerk this month. Also please prepare for the meeting by reviewing the minutes of last month’s meeting, which have been posted on our website:

There are numerous opportunities for Friends to practice compassion and generosity, as there are many people in need, both near and far. Our Meeting has an ongoing collection for Manna Food Bank, and you will find a collection box in the foyer where you can donate non-perishable food items. Also Susan O continues to collect small kitchen and household items to help formerly homeless people transition back to independent living.

In Haiti, there is still a tremendous need for material and medical support, as the $1 Billion aid promised by the U.S. Government many months ago has been stalled by a stubborn Senator. Fortunately there are several worthy non-governmental organizations on the ground in Haiti doing the work that our tax dollars ought to be helping with, such as Mercy Corps, Partners in Health, and Doctors Without Borders. Please consider making a donation to one of these organizations, or if you want your donation specifically to help Haiti, there are two other worthy organizations that will allow that: Bill Clinton Foundation – Haiti relief (be sure to earmark your donation) J/P Haitian Relief Organization (working strictly in Haiti)

Best Wishes, Steve

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