Thanks for A-Hope Donations

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Friends have been most generous in their response to our request for sheets, blankets, pillows and towels, as well as simple clothing (coats, t-shirts, sweats, sweaters, jeans, shoes and boots) to be delivered to Homeward Bound, the Asheville-based agency working effectively to find permanent housing for our large (estimated to be 600 or so) folks who are ‘on-the-streets’ and homeless. We have found MANY deposits of the above in the entry hall of the Meeting House, and they have been promptly delivered to A-Hope House on Ann Street, with much gratitude and appreciation.
I’m not aware of the source of most of these contributions, but since Homeward Bound is a 501 (c) 3 (not for profit) agency, donors are able to get a tax-deduction receipt from the organization. I can secure such for you if you will let me know what you have given. Approximately is adequate. I’ll continue to ferry your contributions if you’ll let me know there are some to pick up and deliver.
Thanks, Jim Cavener



Monthly Meeting for Extended Worship

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AFM holds a monthly meeting for extended worship on the second Tuesday of the month, from 7 to 9 PM. This month that will be Tues. Sept. 14th. Bring additional chair cushions if desired, or floor cushions if you prefer to sit on the floor. Organized by Evan Richardson.




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Opening worship

Review of 8th month minutes

Finance Committee Report

Request for Release of Membership – Greg Kireach

*Ministry and Counsel

* Nominating

Spiritual Enrichment

SAYMA Report


Announcements: SAYMA Ministry and Nurture Consultation Oct. 29-31
a) need for hospitality Oct. 26-31.
b) invitation to send 1 or 2 delegates

Closing Worship



BP Spill Funeral 9/4/10 Addendum to Events Calendar

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Forwarded by War Resister’s League: this Saturday September 4th, a local activist has planned a public funeral dirge on the sidewalks of downtown Asheville. This procession is to honor the loss of human and animal life caused by the BP Oil Spill. The devastation of truth in media, the devastation caused to our environment from oil corporations, and the horrible reality of the diminishing wetlands, are all impetus for this funeral to exist. This event is open to the public. It is asked that you dress in black. Black veils along with black armbands will be provided if you want them. They have made cardboard coffins painted black with stenciled images of pelicans, dolphins, and sea turtles. The hope for inviting the Western North Carolina community to participate in this funeral is to create solidarity amongst one another and to be given an opportunity to acknowledge the death and damage delivered to our Gulf coast.
Meet at the Sean Pace Gallery, 5 Walnut Street, suite 102, (four doors up from Scully’s) 11:30 am, plan to walk at Noon. A simple route through and around downtown is planned. Should not take longer then an hour. Pets are welcome.

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