SE: Discussions of Past Quaker Practice

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Dear Friends,

Last Tuesday night’s presentation by Donna McDaniel, co-author of “Fit For Freedom, Not For Friendship”, was very well received, with some dozen or more Friends in attendance, including two from Swannanoa Valley Meeting. Lots of good food and lively discussion were shared.

After rise of Meeting this week, Kitti Reynolds will give a follow-up talk in a similar vein. How did Quakers come to be slave owners and
traders? What did George Fox think of it? How did the Society come to prohibit members from the slave trade?

Remember, don’t come an hour early – time changes the preceding night!

Best Wishes,



Upcoming: Faith and Practice Revisions

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The SAYMA Faith and Practice Revision Committee, which includes Asheville Friends Barbara Esther and Alan Robinson, hopes to present two proposals at Yearly Meeting in 2010. In preparation, their proposed revisions are being offered to monthly meetings and worship groups for review. They request that responses be seasoned to the point of rising to Minutes of Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business.

To begin that process in our Meeting, Barbara asks that Friends gather during the hour before worship this First Day, 11/1, to find whether we are led to make any recommendations on the proposed changes to the “Community” section of our Faith and Practice. You can preview the proposed text by clicking this link:

Proposed revisions to “Community” section

The first two paragraphs have already been approved by Yearly Meeting. The remaining paragraphs reflect changes requested by the YM to proposals that were presented in 2009. The text of these proposals is on the left, and the changes now being offered are on the right. You can compare these to the text as it appears in our current Faith and Practice by going to page 50 of the “working document” on the SAYMA website.

SAYMA Faith and Practice Working Document

Any recommendations rising to a “sense of the meeting” this week will be brought to the 11/8 Meeting for Business.

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From Evan Richardson

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I am writing to share that I have been led to organize and hold a space for extended meeting for worship on first Tuesdays, beginning with Tuesday Nov 3, from 7 pm – 9:30 pm at Asheville Friends Meeting. I want to offer this Opportunity to Friends in the wider community of WNC and hope that many of you will be able to share news of this offering with your Meetings. Here is an explanation to share:

Friends who have a desire and hunger for additional time to explore what Spirit has for thee in Corporate Worship please join me for Extended Meeting for Worship at Asheville Friends Meeting on first Tuesdays, beginning Tuesday Nov 3, from 7 -9:30 pm. This offering is open to all, new seekers and seasoned Friends alike. The expectation for all that join is simple — we cross the threshold of the meeting room with an intentional expectation that our hearts shall be pierced by the Divine and the Presence of Spirit shall become manifest in us. Each of shall be asked to take responsibility for helping to hold a worshipful space in which this can happen, even when we wait together without apparent result. Each of us called to vocal ministry shall be asked to experiment with the discernment of our individual faithfulness based on the impact of that which we have to share on the depth of corporate worship among those gathered at the moment. We shall expect that if we come together in expectant faith, and in genuine love and sympathy with one another, praying earnestly that the right persons may be lead to speak and the right messages be given, we shall not go away unhelped. Individuals are encouraged to bring pillows, mats, and other items that they feel will aid them in physical comfort. Sweaters and clothing layers are recommended. There will be freedom for Friends to move about and take care of their personal needs during worship as long as they are mindful of the worship. It may be helpful for Friends to read Pendle Hill pamphlet #366 “Invitation to a Deeper Communion” by Marcelle Martin to help them explore the possibilities of this experience further. I will be placing one copy of this pamphlet in the foyer at Asheville Friends Meeting towards the middle of October for this purpose. No arrangement s for childcare have been made. Please contact Evan Richardson at evdavwes@aol.com or 242-2779 if this is a barrier to your attendance.

Thank you Friends. Please hold us in the Light on First Tuesdays and feel free and welcome to join us physically, if you are able!

Peace, Evan Richardson

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An Update From Stephanie

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Hi everybody,
So We are in Dar ES Salaam now. Dar is no longer actually the capital (Dodoma is) but this city serves many of the functions of a capital city and is by far the most metropolitan part of the country so it has been very exciting to be here.
We have spent most of the week so far exploring the city and doing lots of school work. We have a kitchen now and can cook for ourselves which is really exciting. The first thing I did in the kitchen was to boil drinking water. Unfortunately I poured the water into a sub par teapot to let it cool and the handle broke off as I was carrying it and spilled on me. Don’t worry though, I’m fine. I got a little bit burned but was helped by our teacher and two of the students who are wilderness first responders. All of this in the middle of rolling black outs! It was quite exciting, particularly since I wasn’t hurt badly.
We also got to visit an HIV/AIDS organization called WAMATA. The first time we went they put on a whole big show for us complete with dancers. There was also a really interesting Q and A period where the 15 of us got to ask questions of the 40 Tanzanians present and they got to ask questions of us. It was really quite an experience. The next day we went to visit an AIDS patient in an informal settlement in central Dar. She was young, just 19 and so sick that we gave her taxi fair to get to the hospital. It was one of the most important and intense things I have ever done in my life.
We also went on a walking tour, which was quite fun and had lectures at the university. Overall, we had a really great experience in Dar.
4 days ago we got to Zanzibar. The 1st night we found an amazing place to eat. It was a mass congregation of street vendors selling fresh sea food in a beautiful public garden on the ocean front. The day after that we went snorkeling. It was amazing, even if I did get sunburned.
Yesterday we started Swahili class again and moved in with our host families. My host mother seems really great and I think I am going to have a great time here.
Love to you all, I hope you are having a lovely fall.


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First Adult SE of 2009-10

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Dear Friends,

This week at Meeting begins our Adult Spiritual Enrichment series for the 2009-2010 year. We’re reviving an old favorite, “Spiritual Journeys”, with a slight variation. Instead of only one Friend sharing his/her journey for the whole period, we’ll have two Friends sharing for a somewhat shorter time. Each sharing will include time for questions from the listeners.

Don’t forget, Meeting for Worship starts at 10 a.m., or you can come at 9:30 for singing.

The following Sunday (10/25), we’ll be trying something new for Sandwich Sunday: “Table Discussions”. Friends are invited to share with their table mates on the questions “Where are you from?” and “What brought you to Quakerism?” In the middle of each table we will place a placard with the questions printed on it. We will set aside at least one table in case some Friends don’t want to participate in the exercise, designated by the absence of a placard.

Starting in November, Evan Richardson will be hosting an “extended” meeting for worship on the first Tuesday of each month (11/3) from 7 to 9:30 p.m. at the Meetinghouse. This offering is open to all who have a desire and hunger for additional time to explore what Spirit has for thee in Corporate Worship.

For more information on these and other events at Asheville Meeting, visit our website at:
Asheville Friends Meeting

Best Wishes,


New Adult SE Offerings

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Dear Friends,

Our Meeting’s Adult Spiritual Enrichment Committee has arranged for offerings both within the First Day structure (“second hour” activities) and opportunities for smaller group discussion and enrichment outside of those parameters. These smaller groups will be:

1. Bible study. George Gjelfriend has offered to facilitate.

2. Barclay’s “Apology”. Robert Barclay is widely considered to have been the foremost 17th Century writer of the Quaker faith, and his “Apology” lays the groundwork for the fundamental beliefs of the followers of George Fox. Alan Robinson will facilitate these discussions, bringing to them the benefit of his experience in a week-long workshop at FGC.

3. Pendle Hill pamphlets. Pendle Hill, a Quaker retreat and study center near Philadelphia, has published over 300 pamphlets, presenting a variety of viewpoints. Typically the pamphlets can be read easily at a single sitting, and deal with a single thesis of importance to contemporary Quakers. Neftali Fernandez will facilitate these discussions.

4. Friends Journal articles. Jim Cavener will host a monthly get-together to discuss one (or more) article(s) from the current issue of the Friends Journal.

If you are interested in participating in any of these groups, simply reply to this email and your interest will be forwarded to the appropriate person. The time and place of meeting will be determined by the participants in each group.


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