Jerusalem Women Speak

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Upcoming event, endorsed by AFM Peace and Earth Committee.

*Muslim, Jewish and Christian Women Tour the Southeast US*

*Partners for Peace National Tour coming to Asheville – October 14th *
*“Three Women, Three Faiths, One Shared Vision”*

These three women, who with their families live the realities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, will speak about their lives, their fears, their hopes, and their work for a just and sustainable peace.
This is the 16th National tour of “Jerusalem Women Speak “ organized by Partners for Peace. We are delighted to have them stop in Asheville, as part of their 17 city tour. Wednesday, October 14, at 6:30 PM they will make a presentation in the parish hall at The Cathedral of All Souls in Biltmore Village. The presentation is free and open to the public.
The response to past tours has been remarkable. Audiences have been moved and challenged by the speakers’ stories.
For more information about the women, the tour stops and the work of Partners for Peace, visit www.partnersforpeace.org_ For Questions/promotional material about the local program contact Carol Anders dec25carol@yahoo.com_ / 828.686.1380.

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Update from Tanzania

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Hi Everyone,
Well, we are finally back to having limited internet access. We were on safari for more than a week and not anywhere near email so I have a lot to catch you up on.

We wrapped up our time at the language school and can all at least pretend to speak a little bit of Swahili now. After that we headed to Ngorogoro crater. Because of a mix up we got a free upgrade and our new hotel had a mindblowing view of the crater. I got to stay in bed and watch the sun rise of the crater which was amazing.

At Ngorogoro we got to lions up close including one who decided to lie in the shade of one of the safari vehicles. They were even a bit close for comfort when I had to get out of the car because one of our fellow travelers was not feeling well.

After that we headed to Serengeti. I was sick for the first full day we were there but still managed to see some amazing things. We saw ancient Masai paintings of bicycles and musical rocks. We also had the dubious pleasure of having our jeep charged by a bull elephant and having lions right outside our tent in the middle of the night. At one point baboons raided our professors tent and stole her cheese but she fought them for it and got some of it back.

After that we headed to lake Victoria and stayed at a beautiful campsight right by the lake where we did a bird ecology project. Now we are in Mwanza, one of the bigger Tanzanian cities on the lake. It is a wonderful city and I am really enjoying it.

Love to you all,

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*Upcoming: Spiritual Enrichment at Asheville Friends Meeting*

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Our Meeting enjoys greater vitality, community, and sense of commitment when we are actively engaged in adult spiritual enrichment exercises.

With our recent change in First Day schedule, adult Spiritual Enrichment can be offered two or three times each month after rise of Meeting. The first offering will be next week, on 9/20, when Friends are invited discuss ideas for revitalizing our adult spiritual enrichment program. We have many examples from past experience to draw from: topical discussions of Friendly concerns, sharing of spiritual journeys, inspirational readings, guided meditations, book discussions, or presentations by Peace and Earth Committee or by invited guests, but Friends may have other ideas as well.

At its best, our spiritual enrichment program would include opportunities for smaller groups of Friends to meet outside of the confines of our First Day schedule. Examples include Friendly Eights groups, spiritual friendships, special interest groups, or age-specific groups such as Young Adult Friends, or the Older Men’s and Women’s groups.

Let us join together after rise of Meeting next week to discuss these opportunities, and discern a way forward for our Meeting.


Fair Trade Coffee

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Fair Trade coffee is once again available through the Meeting. Katherine K will be coordinating sales. You can contact her at


or call 350-9642



Clerking with Joy and Faith

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Saturday, October 3, 10-4

Sense of the meeting is a gift. It came to Quakers through their commitment to continuing revelation. They discovered that the Light which had come to teach people could lead them to revealed corporate decisions.” (From Beyond Consensus: Salvaging Sense of the Meeting, by Barry Morley)

In this workshop, Clerking with Joy and Faith, we will consider the basis of our process for decisions, clarify the role of the clerk, and how members can support the process and the clerk. We will discuss concerns, as well as practice key skills including dealing with dissent and conflict.

The workshop will be led by Mary Ann Downey of Atlanta Friends Meeting and all are welcome, regardless of experience clerking (or lack thereof). The workshop will be limited to 30 participants, so please register as soon as possible by emailing Steve Livingston at nc_stereoman@charter.net. There is no cost for the workshop but donations are appreciated.

Clerking with Joy and Faith
Workshop with Mary Ann Downey
Asheville Friends Meeting
227 Edgewood Road
Asheville NC 28804
10/3/2009 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Brown bag lunch suggested

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Upcoming Retreat for FGC Traveling Ministry

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We are hosting a retreat for FGC Traveling Ministry at our Meetinghouse 9/25-9/26. Hospitality is needed for about 14 people, a few of whom are paired with a partner. We are also offering a pot luck supper at about 6:30 p.m. on 9/26. A sign-up sheet will be circulated next week for the potluck. If you can offer hospitality please contact Margaret N at


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A Letter From Stephanie

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Hi Everyone,

I decided to take advantage of the free internet here at the language
school and update twice this week. We are learning Swahili all day every
day, which is intense. Last night we started our first homestays and the
family I am staying with is sooo nice. We have a little brother who is a
lot of fun and plays with us and talks to us all the time.

Last time I forgot to mention a couple of things. Firts of all it has been
suprisingly cold. It has been in the 60s or lower almost the whole time!
and none of us brought enough warm clothes so we have to wear our same
sweartshirts every day.

Also, one day when we were on Safari we stopped to use the bathrooms and
look at the view. When we came back a monkey was on our car, sitting on my
backpack and trying to rip it open at the seam! As we came up to the car
he climbed out through the roof (which was open) and ran away but my bag
has a little rip where a black face vervet monkey tried to break in!

Kwaheri wa pendi,

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