George O recovering well

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George underwent open heart surgery three weeks ago, and he is recovering well from the surgery. He is back home now at Carolina Village. If you’d like to send him a card, his adress is in the yellow directory.



Can We Talk? A Muslim/Christian Dialogue

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Sponsored by the Asheville Peace Builders (City View Friends Church among others), this peace-building workshop will be led by Pat Martin, director of the Summer Peace Building Institute of the Eastern Mennonite University in Virginia. Saturday, September 20, 9:30 am to 4 pm. No charge, lunch will be provided.
Click here to view the event poster.
Click here to see the program.



Quaker House in need of funds

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Quaker House, our Friendly outreach to military personnel and to young people thinking about becoming military personnel, is experiencing severe financial strain at this time. Chuck Fager, who has faithfully directed Quaker House for the last six years, is well-known to many in our community. Please visit their website, and consider making a special donation at this time.



Jinny McVickar

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Longtime and beloved Friend Jinny McVickar passed away last month. She was 98 years old.

Jinny was a faithful member and supporter of Asheville Friends Meeting, known and loved by many, from the time she and her husband Art moved here in 1984 until they moved up to Corydon IN in 2003 to be close to other family members. Since that time we have had occasional contact with them, most recently a visit to Jinny by Barry Master just this summer.

A brief obit appeared in the Asheville Citizen Times. Link to obituary

Please hold Jinny’s family in the Light. More details will follow.



Letter to Unitarians

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Most all of us recall the recent tragic shooting that took place at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church in Knoxville. Many in the Meeting felt that it would be appropriate for us to make some gesture of support to our neighbors across the mountain, and so Peace and Earth Committee sent the following letter to them: Read more…

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Minutes, 9th month 14th day 2008

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Clerk: Barbara Esther

Recording Co-Clerk: Jennifer Rhode

Present: Bobby Carter, Barbara Esther, Ellen Frevotte, George Gjelfriend, Joy Gossett, Rylin Hansen, Pat Johnson, Katherine Kowal, Steve Livingston, Laura Maynard, Jennifer Rhode, Adrianne Weir, Robin Wells.

Opening Worship at 12:15


I felt as though I led a double life. All week I interacted with folks for whom it was glaringly obvious that the end was near, and that it was the fault of gay marriage and pornography and liberals. Then on Sundays I went to meeting and interacted with people who also thought we were going to hell in the proverbial handbasket, but who were sure it was the fault of the Religious Right and the Republicans. I came up with a name for it: worldview whiplash! . . . As anyone who wears bifocals can attest, while they are an improvement over single lens glasses or no glasses at all, they are still an imperfect solution to flawed vision. . .I learned that there is a single lens. It is not the lens of the “Religious Right” or “Liberal Quakerism.” It is not a lens that has received the exclusive seal of approval from any denomination. It is a lens formed through a deeper prayer life and deeper dependence on the Holy Spirit than most of us manage. My vision is not yet adapted to this lens – I am full of spiritual astigmatisms, and suspect I always will be. But the headaches and sense of whiplash are much diminished, so maybe I am on the right path.

Read more . . .

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