Minutes, Sixth Month 2008

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Clerk: Barbara Esther
Recording Clerk: Julie Moser

Attendance: Becca Dion, Steve Livingston, Kitti Reynolds, Susan Oehler, Rob Waskom,
Jen Rhode, Rusty Maynard, Adrianne Weir, George Gjelfriend, Jim Cavener, Connie
McDowell, Ellen Frerotte, Alan Robinson, Margaret Normile, Pat Johnson, Joy Gossett,
Philip Neal, Raelin Hansen, Bobby Carter.

Silent Worship

“Ironically, the way to heal pain is by diving deeper into it. Most of the pain we are in is
caused by our resistance to and denial of it. To get off the suicidal path we are on, we
have to feel the pain that we are in, that the earth is in, that our communities are in.

“I fear for us, because the way we practice war is destroying everything. When we keep
our mouths shut and don’t do anything about it, it damages everyone of us, which creates
more pain that has to be buried. It’s either dive into the pain or die from refusing to face

From Edward Tick on How the U.S. Fails its Returning Soldiers
By David Kupfer for The Sun, June 2008 Issue 390
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