friends Digest, Vol 75, Issue 3

Posted by admin on May 14, 2010 in Meeting Events, Meeting News, Our Friends, sayma

Today’s Topics:

1. this week at Meeting (Steve Livingston)

Dear Friends,

This week after rise of meeting for worship, we will have our usual social time with an emphasis on bidding farewell to our dear Friend Ellen Frerotte, who along with her husband Jim will be moving to West Virginia. Then, during the second hour Adult Spiritual Enrichment, we will have sharing of spiritual journeys with Edie Patrick, our new Friend from Tennessee, and . . . Ellen Frerotte!

Also, Friends who are planning to attend the SAYMA Gathering next month, don’t forget the deadline for registration without paying a late penalty is May 15. That would be this Saturday. Fortunately, you can download the registration form. Just go to sayma.org and click on “what’s new”.

Best wishes,

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