Children’s RE for First Day School, March 7th

Posted by admin on Mar 6, 2010 in Meeting Events, religious education

Our Children’s RE group, is covering the New Testament as it pertains to our position on Faith as Quakers, as well as from a historical perspective, this Spring Session. Tomorrow, March 7th, , we will be talking about the Sermon on the Mount, and we will be constructing a model of the scene, with the Mount, and also a lake and desert, which will figure in subsequent lessons. This will be a really fun interactive hands-on event, modelling landscape, buildings, boats, and little little people, which we anticipate will be tremendous fun for all! (As well as being informative and thoughtful!) We hope that those of you with children will be able to bring them for this wonderful class, while joining us for silent worship.
Peace, Rylin

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