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The Asheville Meeting website is temporarily off-line. We apologize for an inconvenience.

— Asheville Meeting Communications Committee


Energy Audit

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Asheville Friends’ Peace and Earth Committee arranged for an energy audit of our Meetinghouse through Interfaith Power and Light, of which we are a member. You can view their report by clicking this link:

Energy Audit


Items To Donate For Refugee Relief Kits

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    Peace & Earth Committee is collecting supplies for school kits and hygiene kits for refugees on August 7 and August 14. P&E reminds Friends that all donations should be new, unopened items.


89,958 shipped last year to Jordan, Syria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lebanon, Haiti, U.S., Serbia, Honduras and more.

Contents (NEW items only)

    • 4 spiral or perforated notebooks (8 1⁄2 x 10 1⁄2 in and 70 sheets)
    • 8 unsharpened pencils
    • 1 ruler (flat, flexible plastic; indicating both 30 cm and 12 in)
    • 12 colored pencils (in packaging)
    • 1 large pencil eraser

Thank you for limiting your generosity to the items listed.


14,507 shipped last year to Jordan, Syria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Haiti, Honduras, Iraq, Lebanon, Ukraine and Serbia.

Contents (NEW items only, in original packaging)

    • 4 large bars bath soap
    • 1 plastic bottle shampoo (13–24 oz; place in resealable plastic bag)
    • 4 large bars laundry soap (Fels Naptha®, Sunlight® or Zote® brands)
    • 4 adult-size toothbrushes
    • 4 new bath towels (medium weight, dark or bright colors)
    • 2 wide-tooth combs (6–8 in)
    • 1 fingernail clipper (good quality)
    • 1 box adhesive bandages (minimum 40 count, assorted)
    • 1 package sanitary pads (18–24 count thin maxi)

Due to strict regulations some countries have on the expiration date of toothpaste, MCC no longer asks for toothpaste to be donated with the kits. Instead, we will provide toothpaste with the kits when they ship from our warehouse. The kit will be re-packed in a new 5-gallon plastic pail with lid.

Soap specifications: New bars of bath or laundry soap: All sizes and brands of bar soap are welcome. Please leave in wrapper.

Towel specifications: NEW bath towels: Good quality, dark or bright colors, medium weight preferred. Washcloths are not needed.

Thank you for limiting your generosity to the items listed,



Called Meeting for Business

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At rise of Meeting next First Day, 1/31/16, we will have a called Meeting for Business to examine the proposal from House and Grounds for general repairs on the Meetinghouse and discern way forward. Friends are asked to review the estimate from our contractor prior to the meeting. The estimate is posted here:

Estimate for Meetinghouse Repairs


Did You Miss Us?

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We were offline for almost a week due to a clerical error made by domain dot com, with whom our domain is registered. It took many hours of consultation (?) with their representatives before they figured out 1) where the error was, 2) what domain we actually own, 3) how to enable us to log in to our own domain, and 4) how to connect our domain with our web content. Exhausting!


Heart To Heart Celebration

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This is the culmination of our annual Secret Pals activity, linking adults and youth through the weekly exchange of little gifts “from your Secret Pal”. After rise of Meeting for Worship, we will gather in a circle and, one by one, the identity of each Secret Pal will be revealed. Whether or not you participated, plan to attend this fun and joyous event, full of laughter and hugs!


Meeting For Business

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At least that’s the common, short, expression for what is more formally called “Meeting For Worship With Attention To Our Meeting’s Business”.

Why is it a “Meeting For Worship”? Because in the Quaker practice, we conduct our business by seeking Divine guidance in all of our affairs. To accomplish that, we seek to remain in a worshipful state, open to the leadings of Spirit, holding one another in the Light, listening for that of G*D in our own hearts and in the words that are expressed by any other Friend who is led to speak.

The meeting is facilitated by the “clerk”, a person who is designated to listen carefully to all who speak and discern what is the way forward, if there is one. Once all members present feel clear to unite on a way forward, the clerk articulates the “sense of the Meeting”, and it is recorded as a “minute” of the Meeting.

This, in a nutshell, is the Quaker way of conducting business. Most matters are fairly routine, and minutes are recorded with little discussion. Some matters remain unresolved for years, or even generations. We continue to seek truth, and discover it anew. This process, famously referred to as “beyond consensus”, is what really sets Quakers apart from any other group.

Guests are welcome to join us, listen, and speak if they are led.


A Basket of Queries

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The Ministry and Counsel Committee has created a basket of queries and placed it on the mantle in the Meeting foyer. Queries have been collected from Faith and Practice and from other Monthly Meetings. These queries are available for Friends to take for contemplation during or after Meeting, and paper is available for Friends to contribute their own queries.


AFM – Agenda

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Opening Worship

Review of Minutes – Fifth Month

Finance Committee Report

* Nominating Committee- Kitty Reynolds for clerk

Ministry and Counsel – Planning report

Meeting House Rental – Adrianna Weir

Report from Yearly Meeting – Steve

Report re Art Show – Paola Weir-Villatoro


ANNOUNCEMENTS – Invitation from Swananoa Valley
Date of next meeting
July 10 or August 14?


Meeting for Business Agenda, 5/8/11

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Fifth month

Opening worship

*Review of minutes – March

*Finance Committee Report

*Report of Retreat Committee

*Request for use of the Meeting House – Paola

*Nominating Committee

*House and Grounds


Closing Worship

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